Saturday, April 26, 2008


jumping jacks shoes kids booties

Jumping Jacks is one of my favorite shoes for my baby for spring. Don't get me wrong, I'm not abandoning my Robeez for toddling around the house but for going out on the town baby style, I'm loving me some Jumping Jacks.

Cute little navy blue and pink baby Mary Janes just look so cute with shorts and sundresses and for the budget minded moms, the resale values are fantastic. They hold up to scuffs and clean so well that they will still look new when your baby's little foot grows out of them. This translates into a huge discount for baby footwear, my friends! I put the pair of pink and white mary janes at the beginning of the post because they look so cool and ready for summer, but let's face it the navy blue pair with the cute pink hearts won't show wear nearly as much. I tend to shy away from white sandals and thongs for my babies because of this.

I'm a mom on a budget that likes to buy posh, designer shoes and outfits for my little ones because I think babies should look nice everyday not just if they are in a beauty pageant. I also am not of the school that feels that crib shoes or soft soled baby shoes have to look like moccasins. If you feel the same way about your baby clothes and shoes, Jumping Jacks shoes may have what you are looking for.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008


The thought of a Dr. Seuss hat was the last thing on my agenda when I went to one of my friend's house to borrow some creamer for my coffee this morning. Even in my pre-caffeinated foggy frame of mind, I could tell that she was pretty agitated even for her (she's a pretty excitable chick). I came to find out that the reason for the excitement was that she was trying to figure out how to make a Dr. Seuss costume including a hat out of some strips of red and white nylon fabric and cardboard.

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She didn't have a pattern to make a homemade Dr. Seuss hat and Cat in the Hat costume. And she was trying to wing it on her own with very little success.

The fabric she was using was thin, slippery and her sewing machine was puckering the stitches. My initial suggestion was that she ditch the idea of using fabric of any kind and try her hand at making a paper Dr. Seuss hat for her child. She looked aghast and informed me that paper would look cheap and silly. My response was, "How could anyone possibly in their wildest dreams ever think that a red and white striped stovepipe hat of any kind could look silly?"


She conceded the point and I convinced her to salvage the day and buy a Cat in the Hat costume at the store as we had no suitable supplies or Dr. Seuss hat pattern to go by even if we did. In my opinion, that was the best twenty bucks that she ever spent.

Her child was happy that his hat was suitably similar to the Cat in the Hat that we see in the pics and that his costume was not homemade and thus didn't make him look goofy. Plus, the Dr. Seuss hat that we found was cheap and the darn thing lit up! The fiber optics on the hat were so cool and it was no more expensive than the Cat in the Hat costume hat that just sat there and did nothing.

Several lessons were learned:
  • Don't try to make homemade Dr. Seuss Costumes without a pattern
  • Don't wait until the day of any party to start sewing a costume
  • Don't wander around the neighborhood looking for creamer early on a Saturday morning; you get suckered into all kinds of projects against your better judgement
If you need some Dr. Seuss plaques or wall decorations to decorate your kid's Dr. Seuss theme bedroom or your baby's nursery don't forget to take a look at Dr. Seuss party supplies and baby shower decorations for ideas.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


We just completed a post filled with unique baby gift ideas for a protective sun or beach theme gift basket. It seems that our sweet friend, Marsha, was reading our mind and sent something very nice to our mailbox.

What we have for you here are more cool baby shower gift ideas PLUS some coupon codes for freebies and a gift certificate. The free gift item that I mentioned is a FREE sarong with any regular purchase if you use the coupon code 2086. This deal is good until 4/20/2008. Here's a beach baby shower basket gift idea; buy a cute little bikini for the baby and make mommy feel better by giving her the sarong. What are free gifts for if not to make a friend smile?

Here's another way to get some goodies to gift wrap; A Free $5.00 Gift Certificate from! Enter Code: 5gift. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

You might think all that was good enough but hold on to your tankini; we have MORE DISCOUNTS, CLOSEOUTS AND COUPON CODES FOR SWIMSUITS! And you don't have to wait till later in the season to take advantage of them.

There are deep discounts on clearance items for as low as $13 while the supplies last.

PLUS Pretty please, don't forget that there are two other great promotions still going on until the end of the month:

With COUPON CODE longitude50 you can get a 50% discount off select longitude swimwear.

There are also some primo pre-Season select swimwear markdowns to the tune of a smashing, 20%-40% off.

Okay, now you've got lots of SWIMWEAR COUPON CODES, so go load up and get some mother and baby swimsuits at a cheap price! Maybe you can find some mom and baby bathing suits and make a really big splash at the pool baby shower.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Sun hats are just part of a protective mom's arsenal against the possibility of her baby getting a nasty blister when out for a stroll or just playing in the yard. While the ozone layer is getting thinner and the UVA and UVB rays are getting more dangerous, sun protection hats and sun protection gear products for babies are getting more cute, trendy and stylish than ever before.

Babies will love taking a swim with friendly lions, tigers, hippos, gators, and giraffes especially when there's no nasty blister to deal with once playtime is done. Baby boys and girls can play at the beach in comfort and safety from the burning rays of the sun when wearing protective clothing or swimsuits with fabric that is UPF 50+ which is the highest baby sun protection around today. And their swimming pool companions will love the fact that most come with built-in swim diapers that help to keep messy leaks out of the pool. The baby swimsuit fabric is rated UPF 50+ the highest sun protection available.

A baby shower in early spring or summer would be a wonderful time to load up on inexpensive gift basket ideas geared toward protecting baby from the sun. Go buy your basket and get ready to arrange our creative baby shower gifts inside! Here are some unique gift ideas that will help to provide sun protection for babies and will fill your gift baskets full of baby gear for the sun for a very cheap price.

Here are some baby sun protection baby shower gift basket ideas:

  • Crazy color and wild, funky print baby sun protection hats
  • Baby Banz Uv Sunglasses with a comfortable elastic strap
  • California Baby Sunscreen
  • Sun Protective Swimsuits for baby boys and girls

Boy/Girl Baby/Kid Hat & Sunglasses Combo

California Baby SPF 30+ Citronella Bug Blend Sunscreen

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Baby Bootie Charms - 14k Diamond Girl's Baby Bootie Charm

Anything that involves 14k gold and diamonds qualifies to be listed in the category of "Perfect Gifts for Moms". New mom gifts are especially important if they are from the baby's dad. There's something about dads showing up with a classy looking gift that makes mom feel a little better after the eighteen hours of hard labor that was necessary to bring his sweet baby boy or girl into the world.

If ladies don't have a charm bracelet already, once they become moms they will want one for sure! I have seen so many new moms comparing their beautiful bracelets and the gold charms. Each of the precious keepsakes were added at important milestones of their children's lives. Moms love engravable gold charms that are set with birthstones for each of their babies. The smooth disks are perfect places to engrave their baby's name and date of birth. These are evenly spaced along the links of the charm bracelet along with gold baby booties and other tiny gold charms.

I still remember the way my mom's charm bracelet would jingle when she picked up the hymnal every Sunday at church. I would sit in her lap and study each gold charm until I knew exactly which ones were my most favorite. I want my babies to have memories like that, too. Don't you?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Baby Surfer Clothes in Pink and Blue

It's always grand to find a complete baby gift set to arrange in a baby boy or girl's baby shower gift basket. This set of baby surfer clothes with a surfboard shaped bib, baby hat and prince or princess themed onesie in pink or blue will make a showy, downright impressive display when combined with a colorful pair of tiny baby flip flops or sandals. You may even skip the woven baby gift basket using a bucket that comes with a set of baby beach toys to hold your cute baby surf clothes.

A pink beach bucket for baby girls and a blue one for baby boys would provide a great background for your gifts. The inevitable shovels and rakes that come with the plastic toys just add to your arrangement! Catch the wave and jump on board (surfboard that is) of unique and easy baby shower gift ideas that come in complete sets. They make your job so simple and the mixing and matching is done for you. Add a few baby items that you pick out yourself like a swimsuit or the beach sandals that we mentioned earlier and you will be sure to impress your friends with the collection of baby surf clothing and gifts.

BABY BOTTLE SLINGS - The Ultimate Baby Gift for Moms of Multiples or...not?

The birth rate for twins, triplets and mega multiples is going through the roof. What's going on here is uncertain, but what is definite is that this blessed newborn phenomenon has created a market for baby products for multiples. No matter how many babies a mom has, unless she is among the ranks of the rich or famous she only has two hands.

So what is a mom to do when all those infants are wailing at the top of their lungs waiting for baby feeding time? Are bottle slings or holders the answer?

My parenting experience involved one infant at a time that couldn't manage to hold her own bottle in a pinch so I can hardly give an objective, informative consumer review or opinion on these baby gadgets. I got a bottle sling as a shower gift and gave it a whirl for a bottle of pumped breastmilk and didn't have a lot of luck with it at first. At first the sling didn't get the bottle to the baby's mouth but once she got bigger it worked better, but would have dripped milk all over her outfit if I had not been right there. Later on she got much better at guiding the nipple back into her mouth if she turned her head, but believe me when I tell you that she didn't care in the least that milk dripped down the neck of her onesie while she watched big sister clown around the room. As I was dealing with a single baby rather than multiples it was just as easy (and satisfying) for me to hold her for a bottle rather than have to change her clothes.

However, I canvassed the mommies at the playground with multiples recently to see if they were big fans of bottle slings and holders. Moms of multiples said there was a limited time frame when they got the best results but by and large bottle slings got a huge thumbs up from moms of multiples who otherwise found the process of feeding twins and triplets all at once rather exhausting. Anything that helps ease the stress and workload of moms of many gets my vote!

I would like to hear opinions and pros and cons from moms of single babies. So, please send your experiences with bottle slings or holders to me so that I will know whether or not to recommend them as a great idea for items to include in the baby gift basket or not!