Tuesday, March 04, 2008


He Shoots He Scores Little Boy Doll: Collectible All-American Hockey Player Doll

Ideas for ice hockey gifts that will fit in a gift basket have been one of my most requested items recently. I freely admit that I don't know squat about the game of ice hockey, but I know a thing or two about what moms and dads like to receive in their baby's gift basket.

It's always best to include gifts that display well and that turn the gift basket into an arrangement of sorts. Often the gift basket forms the centerpiece of the serving or gift table at the party, so select small hockey themed gifts that are similar in color and are small enough to arrange attractively.

Hockey collectibles are always a winner. Figurines with a hockey theme would be my first choice for the best centerpiece in the basket. Surround your collectible hockey figurine with sports themed commemorative coins, ornaments, t-shirts or if the present is to honor the birth of a child, baby bibs, slippers or onesies with the team logo printed on them.

A masculine basket filled with ice hockey gifts may encourage the proud but reluctant dad to take an active part in the party.

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