Friday, February 08, 2008


Circus furniture is frivolous, fun and if there's one style of kid's bedroom decor that hasn't been getting enough coverage lately, it's circus clowns! For the decorator that is looking for a reason to paint the bedroom in bright colors clowns are the way to go! The key is to buy big top furniture for kids like striped book shelves and toy boxes that are painted like the old animal cracker boxes made to look like train cars with caged circus animals pacing back and forth. There's a place for decorative figurines and toys, but I really like the idea of decorating with storage shelves and magazine racks that have been painted with circus animals as well if not better than lots of collectibles. Besides, you will need a place to display your precious collectibles safely!

Painted clowns, trained seals and beautiful bareback riders on majestic white horses with elaborate feathered headdress and jeweled bridles will all be vivid memories that a kid will keep of his or her first Circus performance. This unique experience will be something that will probably be shared with your little boy or girl's grandchildren so why not decorate the bedroom to savor the moment?