Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Baby picture frames are one way to keep memories of your baby's first years fresh and alive. The joy of life is about the people that share your happy times as well as the sad. When push comes to shove, memories are the glue that holds families and friendships tight.

When baby is little, the idea that you could forget who was in the hospital waiting area while you were giving birth to your little one might seem impossible. How could you fail to remember the policeman's name that had the audacity to stop your speeding car when your birth pains were just a few minutes apart? Believe it or not, the years fly by and there are so many special occasions and events that they each begin to over shadow the other to the point that there's just not enough room in the memory banks to file them all to recover at a moment's notice.

When your baby girl or boy grows up and has their own newborn, won't it be fun to hug them tightly on the sofa and share the baby memory books, time capsules and signature
baby picture frames
filled with pictures and
baby keepsakes
from the days when your family was so new?

Chances are that your rough and tumble boy will go through stages in development and growth where you might find it difficult to imagine him ever being sentimental enough to be interested in the baby memories and keepsakes of long ago. Your little girl may seem to care less about what happened to her cradle or crib than she does about what a friend said about her new hairstyle. Just remember that you were the same when you were a child and yet when your baby was born you were thoughtful enough to save those baby memories for days down the road.

When couples are just starting out, the mortgage and car notes take a big bite out of their financial resources. Precious pictures get tossed into a box or drawer because the money is just not there to buy a frame for each one. For this reason, one of the most thoughtful gifts for any new mom are personalized baby picture frames.