Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm sure that if you tried hard enough you could figure out how to make a teepee out of a bed sheet without instructions. All it takes is five poles and enough material to cover them. You can even make a teepee with the poles made out of carefully rolled newspaper and then cover them by stapling paper plates over them in layers. The supply list consists of newspapers, paper plates, staples and rubber bands. If you want to make your teepee look like a real Indian dwelling you can then paint some designs on the paper. That's the quick and easy way to make a teepee. It's not the sturdiest or the most waterproof method, but very inexpensive.

I'm a big fan of the educational value of a do it yourself crafts projects, but if you are short on time get a teepee kit. Why waste precious time gathering old bed sheets, straight tent poles and paint supplies when you can buy everything you need for authentic Indian teepee construction for a cheap price. You can even order different sizes from 6 feet tall at the center to 7 and half feet tall.

Teepees are an excellent room decoration for a cowboys and Indian theme bedroom. You can put it to good use as early you like! Tuck it into the corner of the baby's nursery and use it for toy storage. Later on you will be so glad that you have it on hand for rainy day activities.