Monday, November 26, 2007

Curious George Bike Jerseys, Baby Clothes and More

It's lots of fun to dress up like a monkey for parties or Halloween, but what about the rest of the year? Curious George makes it easy for us to clown around with monkeys on our clothes or dress the baby up in clothes with pictures of monkeys on them!

For the tweens or teens, there's a huge demand for Curious George bike jerseys', t-shirts and yoga clothes and for infants the style extends to bibs and onesies! Take a look at the Curious George products and apparel for children of all ages. Don't let your kids be left out of the Curious George clothing craze!


We are all looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the new baby in our lives. Perhaps the older child that's just learning to love books or read needs a fun and colorful storybook to tweak his or her curiosity and we have just the little monkey to take care of that! Curious George checks in in a big way wearing his signature big yellow hat that has made babies laugh for quite some time!

You can also pick up a Curious George collectible Christmas book that will be a favorite all year round! Why limit the good storybooks to the holidays? We all can use the occasional boost in spirits that comes from reading a heartwarming Christmas story whether the calendar says that it's the right time of year or not.

Merry Christmas Curious George


Here we have a virtual treasure trove of Curious George birthday party supplies that may not be available in your local stores. Why waste valuable time venturing out to fight the crowds in the party store at the mall when you can save time shopping online. Many times I find that birthday party supplies are cheap online in comparison to the items that I see locally plus the selection of mailorder merchandise is endless.

If you are having a birthday party and love monkeys, I recommend that you put your Curious George birthday party decorating ideas to good use with some inexpensive (read: cheap), colorful decorations printed with storybook characters that children are familiar with. I love the festive, eye-catching bright red, yellow and brown colors that are so recognizable from the Curious George books, don't you?

If your child's bedroom theme or perhaps the baby's crib bedding set is a Curious George theme, it's makes sense for you to pick up Curious George birthday party supplies that feature your favorite storybook monkey. It tickles kids to see decorations based on cartoon characters that they easily recognize from their favorite books and television shows.

What better way to send a message to your guests that any gifts in this theme would be more than welcome than to announce the festivities using themed party invitations that come with a complete kit? If you are on a limited budget you might want to see what's available in Curious George birthday party supplies and cake toppers that are part of a complete kit.

Curious George baby shower and party kits take the guesswork out of mixing and matching plates, cups and tableware and will save you a considerable amount of cash on your invitations and decorations, too! Please return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more tips on where to find the cheap kids' party supplies in popular themes.