Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WHY IS CAMO BABY STUFF SO POPULAR? Cool Camouflage Baby Clothes, Shoes and Gift Sets

Baby camouflage clothing is everywhere …when camo moved out of the hunting community onto the chic streets of cities that put the word “trendy” on the map; I thought the designers would tire of it quickly. Then came pink camouflage for baby girls and olive green drab camouflage print fabrics for baby boys.

To make a long story short, the camouflage baby clothing craze is still with us as well as camo baby bedding and decorative crib accessories! I know when to surrender and jump on the wagon of current fashion, so here are some precious little camo baby buntings and clothing sets as well as moccasins for babies that tickled me and that I’m sure will bring you on board.

Camouflage in all colors and patterns are jumping out in the oddest places of the home, so why not the baby’s nursery? Who are we to judge and deny American babies the opportunity to join in the fun?

I have tried to figure out why camouflage baby clothes and outfits for kids are so darn popular. What has traditionally been a utility fabric has gone haute couture and this has been a fact for so many years while other designs have gone by the wayside. Normally, bold, funky prints make a big presentation and then burn out and disappear as quickly as they appeared.

As wild as the many camo patterns may be, they have stuck with us for several years and appear to be gaining in popularity rather than fading into the background. Is this because so many parents are hunting wild game or is the trend due to the fact that so many families are involved in the military? Whatever the reason, there’s camouflage clothing out there for your kids in every color scheme imaginable.

Baby bunting in camo patterns may be one of my favorites. Those baby boys and girls look so precious bundled up in snuggly fleece with their hoods framing their sweet faces regardless of the print or color of the fabric. Baby bunting on many outings is so much more convenient than a coat or jacket because it is so easy to pop baby into the little sack or coveralls. Buntings don't bunch up when you buckle infants into their car seats either.

Columbia makes a quality product and I have used their fleece suits for my baby girls that have resold on auction for almost as much as I paid for them new! Anytime I can sell high end baby stuff on auction with success, I pat myself on the back. I feel that I'm dressing my babies in luxury for free!