Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vintage Nursery Themes Decorating Ideas

I just visted a friend's nursery that gave me some vintage nursery themes decorating ideas for a baby girl's room. If you're an antique lover, you would have been amazed at the beautiful things that she had done with a mix of antiques and vintage items. She had used

  • Floor length nursery window treatments with lots of ruffles and bows
  • Decorator fabrics with huge, old-timey pink cabbage roses

The room had an Old English cottage or Victorian feel. What a lovely bedroom it was! But to make it work, you would need a room with plenty of square footage, high ceilings and lots of windows to keep the room from having a stuffy, dark atmosphere.
Another mistake that many decorators make is to use far too many yards of fabric in the window treatments. Under most circumstances, all those ruffles would just be too heavy and claustrophibic. If you just had to have that style of draper, position the curtains close to the ceiling to add height to the room.

The techniques for painting the walls should be kept simple.
Light colors like cream according to the fabric print would brighten the room. If want to try your hand at combining prints and colors, a stripe alternating mauve, pink and cream would be stunning.

Accessories that would mix well with a vintage theme would be anything tea stained or with faded prints of cabbage roses edged in ivory eyelet or lace. Return to Unique Baby Gifts Baskets, Decorations and Party Decorating Ideas for more vintage nursery themes decorating ideas.