Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith Pics of Mom and Baby on ET

Good grief, I keep thinking that Anna Nicole Smith might pull it together at some point and get some dignity. Maybe hire a PR person or something? At one point Howard seemed to be guiding her, but I wonder if that has flown out the window? Has she exposed to the world that she is clueless in most areas of her own welfare?

Some of the pictures I had seen of her looked pretty good. Then I saw the interview on ET. First off, what has she done to her lips? What has made them so stiff looking? Is her slurred speach from the stiffness in her lips or from meds? She was not as well groomed in this interview as in some I've seen. Even if she seems dis-oriented, her makeup has been done to perfection. For this tv appearance she had some kind of semi-nude gloss smeared all around.

After her weight loss on the Trim Spa program, she really looked good, the death of her son has really taken its toll as it would on anybody. I think as time passes, with her newborn to fill her time she'll spring back.