Friday, November 24, 2006


Here I go trying to be a Holiday Shopping Guide for Baby Gifts. HA!!!

The greatest looking stuffed animals I've found for babies or whomever you want to buy a really lifelike and LARGE stuffed toy for are at Stuffed

Any kind of stuffed animal you could ever want or need for any kids room or baby nursery theme can be found there! Not trying to put Russ or Gund down or anything, but they can't touch these big animals for realism in my opinion.

They've got everything from giant toy kangaroos down to stuffed red eyed tree frogs! Hey, and they've got really cool looking penguins. The Mom and baby penguins are so cute and will be a huge hit with Happy Feet fans!

They even have stuffed brown and white rats. I'm not sure who would buy them, but if you're shopping for stuffed rodents...well, there ya go!

No need to go fight the masses in the malls, they are all purchaseable online, UK and USA!

Britney Spears Photos of Her Pierced Nude Area

We should've seen it coming what with her kicking K-Fed to the curb and all. Photos of Britney in her revealing outfits showing that she's trying her best to get her pre-celeb-baby figure back. But here's the frosting on the celebrity mom cake, a picture of Britney Spears' naked pierced belly featured on x17online.
C'mon Britney! Since when does Celebrity baby gear include jewelry for tummies?

Angela Bassett Celebrity Mom Baby Carriers

Celebrity Mom Angela Bassett's choice of celebrity baby carrier seems to be the Baby Bjorn! For those looking for pictures of her nude, this post is not for you, but if you want to see a pictures of her with her baby, you can go here.

Heidi Klum Photos, Pictures, Pics or Whatever

Ok, Celebrity Mom Heidi Klum has a new baby! I've been searching all over the net for any sneak peak pictures or photos! Hey, we're not looking for anything nude or naked, just a glimpse of the new baby! Leni is so cute and no reason to think that Johan will be anything less!