Friday, June 16, 2006

Angelina Jolie's Baby Shiloh's Websites

Ok, two posts in one day.

I just saw that Celebrity Mom, Angelina Jolie reserved a bunch of domain names for her baby girl, Shiloh.

What's that about? Gotta give Angelina and Brad Pitt points for forward thinking, I guess. With a baby less than one month old, I'm not sure I'd be thinking about anything but getting a little nap myself when my celebrity baby was taking hers!

It's so HOT!

Summer has come really early this year. What does a mom do in order not to become totally house-bound? It's a challenge to keep the little one cool while taking a stroll! A light colored stroller helps, I guess.

The BOB jogging stroller in bright yellow is best, I suppose. Even though it's too darn muggy to run the lighter color will not absorb and keep so much of the heat!

Who says you have to be into running marathons to use a jogging stroller.