Monday, September 11, 2006


I've been ponder as to what Halloween costume is best for baby Cass. Taking a little time out from run of the mill nursery jobs to pick out a costume for Baby Cassidy to wear on Halloween.

There are so many cute ones! Trouble is that you never know if it will be a warm night or a cool one around here. Most of the costumes I see would NOT work on a warm night.

I really like the Hershey's Kiss costume, but if she wore a ladybug costume I might be able to snatch some props out of her ladybug nursery theme.

Plus the ladybug costume can be layered (or not) if that does happen to be necessary. The one I'm looking at has the cutest black tulle underskirting.
It almost looks like a French CanCan girls costume if it weren't for the attached wings!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baby Girl Nursery Chandeliers

I have been searching for some small, baby girl nursery nursery chandeliers for a nursery that is decked out in luxurious pink baby bedding and accessories.

The room is not that big, but the ceiling height could easily handle a mini-chandelier. The mom wanted lamps and a crystal nursery chandelier as there were other crystal and sterling silver accessories in the room.

I found a gorgeous pink crystal mini-chandelier that would work for a baby's nursery theme with three bell shades and clear, pink and blue beaded crystals.

And the woman almost rejected it because it was so cheap! LOL

She loved it at first, then when I told her how much it cost (thinking that I'd really done a good job) she started looking for flaws in design and materials.

I suppose if it's a luxury item, some people aren't happy unless the items have an expensive price?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bold and Dramatic Baby Stuff

It's been a long hot summer and it's time to shake off the dust and try something different.

I'm always telling clients to try something dramatic and bold. There's a lot to be said about classic nursery themes and design but there's nothing wrong with breaking new ground either.

Budget is always as issue, but I see more and more nursery furniture collections with moderate and some CHEAP pricetags!

For instance, a year ago if you wanted a black baby crib you either had to paint it yourself or get a
Dick Baby Crib and Furniture by Bratt Decor

in black.

Now, you can get the
DaVinci Roxanne Collection that includes the Baby Crib, Armoire and Dresser Set in Ebony

for the same price that a crib alone would have cost.

The black furniture looks so cool with so many of the classic baby bedding sets. Consider a black toile nursery theme with red accents.

Get some black ceramic or cast iron rabbits and carry a bunny toile theme around the room.

Here's an example of a black toile crib set that would look so good with a black crib rather than a dark brown one!

Black Elegance Round Baby Bassinet w/Black Toile Bedding