Saturday, May 27, 2006

Celebrity Baby Jolie-Pitt Has Arrived!

Well, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has made her appearance.

I wonder if they will be leaving Africa as soon as Celebrity Mom Angelina and Baby Shiloh are able to travel?

I will report any baby sightings should they occur here as usual.

One can only imagine how many magazines will be reporting Angelina's exercise routine to rid herself of any remaining pudge post-delivery.

I saw an interesting interview tonight regarding the trend to "Bling Up Baby". I thought about it a minute to consider if I was promoting such a thing on my website.

The expert said that the problem is that a lot of people never are satisfied with what they have. Decorating a baby's nursery is fun to me and yes, there is some consumer spending involved. But, when I'm through with any project, I'm thrilled. I have no desire to rush out immediately and SPEND MORE simply for the sake of spending.

I set up many baby's nurseries to grow with them with little need for any additional spending for years. Whew...that makes me feel better to sort that out. I certainly don't want to be even partially responsible for a generation of poorly adjusted children!