Monday, May 29, 2006

Your comments on my Celebrity Baby Site

Let me know how I can improve things!

Awww Jennifer Anniston Called Angelina Jolie!

Don't we all wish we could be the bigger person? I wonder what Angelina and Brad thought when they got that call?

I wondered what "I" would have felt if I had gotten a similar phone call.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Celebrity Baby Jolie-Pitt Has Arrived!

Well, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has made her appearance.

I wonder if they will be leaving Africa as soon as Celebrity Mom Angelina and Baby Shiloh are able to travel?

I will report any baby sightings should they occur here as usual.

One can only imagine how many magazines will be reporting Angelina's exercise routine to rid herself of any remaining pudge post-delivery.

I saw an interesting interview tonight regarding the trend to "Bling Up Baby". I thought about it a minute to consider if I was promoting such a thing on my website.

The expert said that the problem is that a lot of people never are satisfied with what they have. Decorating a baby's nursery is fun to me and yes, there is some consumer spending involved. But, when I'm through with any project, I'm thrilled. I have no desire to rush out immediately and SPEND MORE simply for the sake of spending.

I set up many baby's nurseries to grow with them with little need for any additional spending for years. Whew...that makes me feel better to sort that out. I certainly don't want to be even partially responsible for a generation of poorly adjusted children!

Habits of Celebrity Moms

I suppose my mom and her sisters got me into Celebrity Mom watching as a kid! Every time they got together, one of the topics of conversation was what was going on with Movie Stars, their husbands and babies.

We loved to look through the magazines and discuss their:

a. styles they were wearing from head to toe (or hair to shoes)
b. makeup
c. sudden weight gain (wow! might they be pregnant?)
d. babies
e. houses and decor
f. cars

We had a blast. A bunch of "the girls" snacking and thinking of where we could find similar shoes, purses and outfits. Like that was going to give us an instant makeover and transform us and lift us into movie star status! HA